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Bullying Awareness Nobody In My Corner



A message about bullying by Randy Wilcox... 'Nobody In My Corner' is available as a free download here... Please share this You Tube video and the song to help spread awareness about child bullying.

Randy Wilcox has enjoyed writing and playing music from his early years as a teen until now. Being part of several successful bands, he has experienced acclaim through record sales on a worldwide level. He has given heart stirring performances to audiences all over the country.

Most recently, Randy has found himself involved in a cause he truly believes needs to be brought to the forefront of public attention -- the problem of child bullying has touched children and their families everywhere.

Randy truly feels something has to be done to make sure that people responsible for the lives of our young people, make it a top priority that they lead safe lives every day. This inspired him to write the song "Nobody in My Corner".

As Randy puts it; "Imagine waking up every morning knowing that you have to face the mistreatment of a bully who has it out for you, just because they feel you are a little different from others! Where is the protection and what are the consequences of their actions"?

Please join Randy in promoting this subject by sharing this video so that we can all make a difference and make our world a safe and wonderful place to live in!!!




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