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Lizzy Star



Lizzy Star is a Medium

 She calls herself the Happy Medium ...

Born and raised in England coming from a large family full of love and not much else gave her what she calls knowing how to be humble with love. She was blessed with loving parents that taught her family is one thing to always be proud of, that foundation has given her a strength like no other.

Lizzy knew from a very early age she had a gift she didn't understand at the time just what the gift was all about but as time passed and she had her family she knew it was time to pursue what she calls the Gift, so she attended as many places of learning as she could. She was very blessed to have attended the Arthur Findlay College in England.

As the knowledge grew so did Lizzy in many ways. Attending many spiritual churches around the world teaching she gained knowledge among like minded people.  Lizzy will tell you this is the best sort of experience for anyone wanting to learn.  Being a people person it all seemed so right.  Her love for her work and the love she has for the spirit drove her to become what she is today, a person that is full of Respect and Gratitude for each and every living thing.

She is now in the process of writing a book of her journey with the spirit, putting into words, the good times, the times of struggle and the times of Understanding and Knowing that takes her to a time of Remembering.. Her goal is to help as many people that are open and wanting to understand more to find the love within themselves their higher self, sharing that knowledge with as many people as they can.

Lizzy is also an Energy Healer … This is a part of her work with which she gets great satisfaction. She loves to make people feel good about themselves and have fun doing so. She will tell you laughter in itself is a healer. It gives you hope and a sense of purpose.

Lizzy is now living in the United States using her gift to help people. Working throughout the media Lizzy proves time and time again that she is down to earth and a great listener.  Working in the love and light, for the highest and the best, she hopes one day to help you. We hope that you enjoy browsing through Lizzy’s online store and feel the beautiful energy from this jewelry made just for you...

Lizzy can be contacted at lizzystar@heavenlystarjewelry.com









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